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ANPR Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a type of technology that scans, reads, and instantly checks a vehicle’s registration plate as it passes a camera. It can be used as a tool to detect, deter, and disrupt criminal activity. As a system, it’s used to monitor anything from local crime to national security and counter terrorism.

In addition to helping reduce the number of traffic violations and identifying stolen or uninsured vehicles, it can be used for parking management and toll collection. At GSS Security & Electrical, we specialise in the supply and installation of these camera systems to help enhance the way you monitor access to your premises.

Benefits Of ANPR Cameras

What Can ANPR Do For Your Business?

As well as helping to deter crime, installing ANPR cameras can have huge benefits for your business. Placed at key points on your property, the cameras are equipped with sensors that detect when a vehicle passes. This triggers an image of the registration number to be recorded. The HikVision cameras can also be conveniently integrated with third-party systems. This means they can be cross-referenced with your database to identify, monitor, and control vehicle access to your property.

By storing the number plates of your staff or regular permitted visitors, you can control access to your site with minimal effort. This fast and effective system results in reduced staff costs. This is because site access can be managed automatically to allow seamless entry. Therefore, you don’t need to keep your entry points permanently staffed.

ANPR Cameras For Car Parking Enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition can provide a comprehensive enforcement service for your car park. As a vehicle enters, the camera will scan the number plate and record the entry time. Additionally, it records the same plate again upon exit. This determines how long a vehicle has been on your premises for. Knowing this allows you to issue fines or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for any vehicle that has failed to comply with official parking regulations on your land.

GSS Security & Electrical Installation

To improve your security in Cannock and throughout Staffordshire, an experienced member of our friendly team will provide and install a complete bespoke system to help you monitor your property. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on a quick and smooth process that complements your schedule and ensures minimal disruption to you. As we use market leading brands such as HikVision, we’re dedicated to providing you with a first-class service to assist you with all your ANPR needs.

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