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Fog Generators

These new innovative security products are the perfect way to protect your assets and precious belongings. If a break-in occurs on your premises, alarms and motion detected cameras can alert you to the issue as well as distract the intruders. However, they do not offer a proactive approach to deterring burglars. A fog generator will fill the room quickly with an impenetrable cloud. Therefore, minimising the vision for the intruders and the ability to easily remove goods from the premises. This also offers extra time for the emergency services to arrive.

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Anti-intrusion Fog Generators For Your Home

These products offer a brilliant home security solution. Homes are often targeted by burglars for the valuables and belongings that are inside. We can offer fog generators that are tailored to your requirements, whether you would like one installed throughout your entire property or just in one room, we will provide you with a security solution suited to your needs.

Add A Panic Button

If you are often home alone and are worried about the risk of burglaries while you are in the house, we can fit a panic button. Situated within easy reach, this feature can offer you complete peace of mind.

Density 900

Suitable For A Range Of Businesses

Fog generators are suitable for a broad range of businesses and industries as well as for residential properties.

They offer the ideal solution for businesses with high-value inventory, such as:

How Does A Fog Generator Work?

Density 2400

Call Now For A Fog Generator Installation

If you are interested in an installation of a fog generator for your home or business, please give our team a call today.

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