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Which Access Control System Is Most Effective

Access control in both homes and businesses is important. At GSS Security & Electrical, we can supply and install a wide range of systems suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. So, what is on offer? Read on to find out just some measures of keeping your property protected.

The best strategy is having more than one measure in place. This way, if one fails then the other will still stand. For higher priority buildings, you can benefit from having multiple strategies in place as a deterrent to perpetrators. We can install anything from simple systems, like fobs and door codes, to more advanced measures, like biometric entry.

Video/Audio Intercom

Video and audio intercoms are used to see and converse with somebody at the door before entry. This type of access control is popular because of it’s ability to view and talk to people at the door. It gives a chance for you to vet a person to see whether they’re actually supposed to be in the property. You can press a button to open the door once approved. This means everybody who comes into the building is authorised to do so.

What’s more, you can use the audio system to talk to the person so you can find out who they are and what they want, without even entering the building!

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Contactless Entry

Contactless entry is efficient access control for people who often come in and out of the building. This is usually by using a fob or key card that needs to be presented upon entry. Only authorised personnel with these entry keys will be able to access the building. It makes entering a building much more streamlined and quicker for those who come and go. This is effective for commercial properties that have lots of staff.

Gates & Barriers

Whether you want indoor turnstiles or outdoor gates and barriers, these are a great physical preventative measure that will stop unwanted entry. As another obstacle to get through, these are usually a great deterrent for people who want to break in. These are great additions to high-security buildings.

Access Control

Face Recognition

If you’re looking for an extremely efficient and secure way to enter a building, getting facial recognition or even fingerprint entry is foolproof. This advanced technology means that only authorised people can gain entry. This takes out the worry of losing fobs, key cards and forgetting codes. This is one of the most secure access control methods out there.

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