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CCTV Service Lockside Steakhouse Stourbridge DY8

About This Project

Our favourite service of the year is at Lockside Steakhouse in Stourbridge.

With all of our CCTV systems, we visit annually to upgrade the systems firmware both on the recorder (dvr or nvr) and the cameras. This is essential for the systems ongoing performance.

Our CCTV service consists of:

-A Check on the condition of the main NVR/DVR recorder

-A Check on the remote access connection (online status/phones)

-A Check on the storage device to make sure playback is operating as it should be

-A Check on the condition of the cameras and clean

-A Check on the firmware/software version

-A Check on the motion/intrusion detection notifications (If applicable)

As you can see from the photos we also get great food on our visit! 🙂

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