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Signs You Need A House Rewiring

Are you experiencing frequent electrical issues in your home? From flickering lights to tripped circuit breakers, these could be signs that your property is in need of a house rewire. In this guide, we’ll explore the common indicators that suggest it’s time to call the electricians.

Age Of The Property

If your home is several decades old and has never gotten a house rewire, then it’s likely that the wiring has degraded over time and needs to be updated to meet current safety standards. Building regulations are constantly changing for the sake of keeping your home safe. If the electrics in your home are 25-30 years old, then the chances are that it needs upgrading.

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Outdated Wiring & Sockets

A house rewire is necessary if the property has outdated wiring, such as aluminium wiring. It’s highly recommended to upgrade to modern wiring for safety and efficiency. What’s more, even sockets have advanced and the state of these can be telling of the age of your electrical system.

Flickering Lights

One of the most common signs that you need a house rewire is flickering lights. Whilst there could be many causes of this, it’s good to call an electrician if it persists. If you notice lights dimming or flickering when appliances are in use, it could indicate an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring.

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Buzzing Sounds

Strange buzzing or crackling sounds coming from sockets or switches could indicate loose or damaged wiring. Your electrical points shouldn’t be making any abnormal noises, so it’s essential to address these issues promptly to prevent electrical hazards.

Burn Marks Or Discoloration

Burn marks or discoloration around sockets, switches, or electrical panels are clear signs of overheating and potential fire hazards. If you notice any of these signs, then it’s crucial to seek professional help immediately.

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Frequent Electrical Repairs

Have you been making frequent repairs to your electrical system? This could be a sign that your wiring is deteriorating and needs to be replaced to avoid recurring issues. Experiencing electrical shocks or seeing sparks when plugging in appliances is a serious safety concern. It should be addressed immediately by a qualified electrician.

By paying attention to these signs, you can determine whether your house requires rewiring. This will ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical system. Remember to consult with a licensed electrician for a professional assessment and to carry out any necessary rewiring work.

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